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L2 GPlay
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2016-01-16 02:13:04
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  • =14pxFILES INFORMATION:GPlay is romanian platform created for games. We already provide: DotA, Warcraft 3 - classic and custom maps, Counter-Strike, Diablo II LOD, Starcraft, Natural Selection 2 and right now we are coming with a new Lineage 2 Interlude Server, using a Official Platform. About the new Lineage 2 Server, we're using the best OFFICIAL extender from the market, with our own scripts, largely developed in-house. Everything works like it should, retail-like. Because we chose the midway, we'll make some adjustments, to improve the gameplay and create a nicely and friendly atmosphere.
  • =14pxOpen Beta: 25.01.2016
  • =14pxGrand Opening: 12.02.2016
  • =14pxWebSite: /

  • =14pxRATES INFORMATION:XP: 10x SP: 10xADENA: 7x QUEST XP: 3xQUEST ADENA: 2xAdena reward of some quests will be reduced.SEALSTONES: 3x ADENA DROP RATE: 70%DROP: 7xSPOIL: 7xSpoil amount 3x 3x means : Max Material amount multiplied with 3 - randomly spoil. PARTY EXP: retailPLATFORM: INTERLUDE
  • [OFF]

  • =14pxDUAL BOXING POLICY:Our Characters Limitation is 3: two characters. + Offline Shop Chr.


  • Baium: 5 days +- 60minAntQueen: 24 hours +-60 minZaken: 48hours +- 60 minAntharas: 8 Days +- 60minValakas: 11 days +-60minFrintezza: 48 hours +-60minCabrio / Hallate / Kernon / Golkonda / Barakiel / Shadith / Mos / Hekaton / Tayr /Ember / Behemoth / Skylancer / Meanas anor/ Von Hellman/ Sobekk / Priest Cloe: 4 hours +- 30min

  • =14pxADJUSTMENTS:Retail Like Events Increased rates for vital quests: A Powerful Primeval Creature - 2x Alliance With Ketra Orcs - 2xAlliance With Varka Silenos - 2xExploration Of Giants Cave ( I ) - 2xExploration Of Giants Cave ( II ) - 2x Gather The Flames - 2xRelics Of The Old Empire - 2xRise And Fall Of The Elroki Tribe - 2xShrine Of Loyaly (Class III Quest - 700 mobs) - 2xSupplier Of Reagents - 2xThe Finest Food - 2xThe Finest Ingredients ( I ) - 2xThe Zero Hour - 2x ( Reward doubled )War With Ketra Orcs - 2xWar With Varka Silenos - 2xSeductive Whispers - 2xA Game of Cards - 2xSeekers of the Holy Grail - 2xGuardians of the Holy Grail - 2xReduced Adena quest: Dangerous Seduction The gameplay will remain aproximatly retail, few changes will be on Class I and Class II. We will announce the changes on the Forum. .I want to clarify : NO GMSHOP,NO GLOBAL GATEKEEPER,NO BUFFER NPC.

  • =14pxSERVERS INFORMATIONS:TEST SERVER SPECIFICATION: Server time zone/Location: Western Europe (GMT+1 / Netherlands)CPU: Intel i7-3770K Cores/threads: 8t Frequency/burst: 3,49 GHz+RAM:16 GB Disks: 2 x 250GB SSD .LIVE SERVER SPECIFICATION: Server time zone/Location: Western Europe (GMT+1 / France) .CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 Cores/threads: 4/8t Frequency/burst: 3,7 GHz+/3,9 GHz+ RAM: 64 GB Disks: 2 x 2 TB SATA3 + 2 x 160GB SSDOVH DDoS Protection - Professional: 500 Gbps 

  • =14pxWEEKEND EVENT:Every weekend nights the EXP/SP/DROP will be: 2x.

  • OVH DDOS PROTECTION - PROFESSIONAL: 500 GBPS Website: / L2.Gplay.euWebsite is under DDoS Protection too,in case that our website is DDoSed and is down, we'll redirect you to another website, to have the possibility to Create Account and Download Client & Patch
  • =14px=18pxWEBSITE: /
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