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L2EarthWars Custom PvP

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lineage2 lineage2 servers
2022-06-30 04:18:58
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Server RatesChronicle: High Interlude
EXP: x2000
SP: x2000
Spoil/Drop: x1Enchant RatesSafe +3
Max +20
Normal Enchant Scrolls 65%
Blessed Max Enchant +14 -> 100%
Crystal max +16 -> 50% (on break enchant still the same)
Custom Scroll max +20 -> (+17 -> 95% , +18 -> 90% , +19 -> 85% , +20 -> 80% )
BLESSED SCROLL ONLY RaidBoss and GrandBoss DROPAugmentation RatesAugment Skills 1 Active + 1 Passive
High grade life stone - 10%
Top grade life stone - 15%Custom FeaturesCustom Weapons: Gold-Abyssal Weapons STAT SAME
Custom Armors: Apella, Dynasty, Rykros STAT SAME
Custom Hat
Custom Tattoo ( Level 1 , Premium )CustomCustom boss scrolls: Increasing special status for 1hour
Cancellation System , after 10 sec you get buffs back
Healers have a small chance to get PvP's from their partyVip SystemCustom Name / Title colors (via .vip)
x2 Mass Vote Reward
x2 Pvp Reward
+5% chance to enchant items
Configurable drops from Farm - Party mobs, Raid-Grand bosses
Less chance to drop Item's from Pk's (Optional)
.vip command ( change name/title colors )
Vip Chat System(public chat,you can talk with ^ )PK SystemPk System (Optional to use)
You can drop items by PK's.You are safe until 10 PK's
After 10 you have big chance to drop Items
If You are VIP you are safe until 20 PK's
1 item can be dropped each time
There are 70% chance to drop
If you are VIP there are 30% chance to dropEventsTVT
Party Farm every 6 hour's with 1 event hour duration
Tournaments (Configurable team size, currently 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, 9v9)Pvp SystemEvery hour most Pvp killer from Pvp Zone will be rewarded with extra Pvp
Every 24 Hour's Top Pvp/Pk Killer will be rewarded with Event MedalParty FarmOpens every 6 hour's
Duration 1 hour
Custom Mini Bosses with special drops
Minimum players for enter is 3
Every member must have at least 10 Pvp's to join (Optional)
1 player per PC are allowedBossesSpecial Boss every 4 Hour's
Epic Bosses every 2 Hour's
Normal Bosses every 1 HourOlympiadOlympiad period every 1 week
Heroes will be given 2 hour after period ends
No custom items allowed (Allowed: tattoo level 1)
Max enchant is +6
Over enchanted items will be automatically counted as +6
Ranking update after every match
The Olympiad begins every day at 18:00 and ends at 00:00 AM (GMT+2)?Vote SystemVote Manager + Mass Vote System + Vote Buff
Vote Manager with rewards from Topzone, Hopzone, Network, Brasil, L2Votes
Mass Vote from Topzone, Hopzone, Network, Topco, L2jBrasil
Vote buff available after player votes at least at 1 vote site (can be changed to your needs) and then a button with buff will be available on Vote Manager for 12 hoursAnti AFK SystemIf player is AFK ( > 10 min without any action )
Event -> If player is afk in event he will get dismissed and not rewardedSkin SystemCurrently there are 14 available skins, you can add yours too
You can try before you buy them by .skintry
*NEW* double click to equip/unequip the skinsAvailable
.exit ( Only from PVP zone )
.drop or shift + click to Raid for drops
.tvtjoin / .tvtleave / .tvtinfo
.ctfjoin / .ctfleave / .ctfinfo
.dmjoin / .dmleave / .dminfo
Game server banners
3 20
65 %
100 %
50 %
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