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2014-12-15 23:08:52
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    Starting level: 80
Starting adena: 1kkk
Starting Town : Giran
 Experience: 1000x
Skill Points: 1000x
Party Rates: (EXP/SP) 2x
Adena Drop Rate: 1000
Drop Rate: 10
New character start with 500kk Adena
Auto-Learn Skills 
Balanced Classes 
Castle Siege System 
Sub-Class Without Quest 
Geodata, fully working 
Npc Buffer [2H buff time] 60 Buff slots 
D.Buff Shield
Hero Announce Login 
Raid Boss Announce 
PvP Reward: 1 PvP Items
Augmentation System
Max Subclasses = 5
Fully DDoS Protection
Main Town in Giran
Retail-Like Enchant Skills System
Interlude Skills 90% Working 
Unstuck Command 15 seconds 
Auto Reward 5 Vote [Every 5 Min]
 High Grate Lifestone: 10% (Farm)
Top Grade Lifestone: 20% (Vote/Bosses/Event)
Augment system: one active + passive.

Safe Enchant : +4 
Weapon Max Enchant : +12
Armor Max Enchant : +12 
Jewels Max Enchant : +12 
With Cystal Max: +16 
Normal Scroll Max: +12 - 75% 
Blessed Scroll Max: +12 - 100% 
Crystal Scroll +16 - 60%   Custom Buffer Global Gatekeeper 
GM Shop 
Class Master
Top Players PvP/Pk List
About Server NPC Info 
NPC Vote Reward Manager 
Siege Manager 
Skill Enchanter 
Boss Manager 
Custom Augumenter 
Skill Enchanter 
Symbol Maker 
Event Manager 
Clan Hall Manager 
Password Manager
Report  Manager
  Safe Farm Zone [Drop 15-17 Farm items
Farm Zone 1 [Drop 17-20 Farm items]Farm Zone 2 [Drop 17-20 Farm items]
Farm Life-Stone Zone [High LS only]
PvP Zone [Mass]
PvP Zone [Solo]
Custom Boss Zone Valakas / Baium / Zaken / AQ / Antharas (Respawn Every 2 Hours)
Drops x2 Raid Boss Jewels /4-5 Crystal Enchant Armor S /4-5 Crystal Enchant Armor A /4-5
Crystal Enchant Weapon S /4-5 Clan Repulation Coin /4-5 Clan Items (For lvl up Your Clan)
Retail olympiad game. 
Olympiad List updated after every match. 
Olympiad auto skill reuse on every match. 
Olympiad Period 1 week [ Every Sunday ] [ Starts 18:00 | Ends 00:00 ]. 
Olympiad work 100% without feed.   Web: L2Staris.usforum
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4 16
65 %
100 %
60 %
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