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pasimylim 2011-10-21 09:18:28
Tai naujas Freya kronikos serverio projektas!! L2 - Rolling The Future - Yiana Server!
Yiana server Information:

Freya client with all known bugs fixed.
International server, where all languages are allowed.
Auto registration.
Custom items: Elegia armors, weapons. Custom cloaks.
Donation system.
Fully working Duel system.
Forgotten skills
NPC Buffer.
30 Buff slots.
Buff time 7 hours.
Fully working augmentation system.
Custom leveling, life stones and farming zones.
No need to do SubClass and Nobless quest's.
Hero Changing every week.
Castle siege has been modified. Basically only Giran castle is left, but whoever owns it gets a lot of benefits like Lord's Crown with added stats to it, and some important items to help in-game and buy Custom items.
Raid Bosses: Zaken, Ant Queen, Baium, Antharas, Valakas. With custom drop ant RB jewel's.
Enchant Rates:
Safe+4 (For weapons,armors,jewelery).
Max +15 (From donation +16).
EWX/EAX: 75%. BEWX/BEAX: 85%.
Server Rates:
EXP, Adena: x1000 Drop/Raid drop:x1.
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