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Interlude Triple Faction 18:00 GMT+2

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senna765 2013-07-05 13:44:52

We are glad to announce that Triple Faction starts at July 5, 18:00GMT+2
Register account (they will never be wiped) in
You can launch skype script with advertisement messages to your friend, download it here (NO VIRUSES)
Till then, we are making some tests and will upload a test system patch soon. Stay tuned

Beta server online. On log-in you get auto nobless, adenas, vote tickets, golden coins to test server features and report bugs.

Download beta system patch from these mirrors:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Final server system will be uploaded few hours before server start
Accounts won't be deleted, items,chars will be wiped on start.

C6.LT Triple Faction server Infos

Three factions: Sayians, Trolls and Sparta.
Adena, exp, sp, faction point rewards from pvp and for capturing the flags.
Max buffs: 48
Enchant with Simple Scrolls: Max +15, Chance 80%
Enchant with Blessed Scrolls: Max +18, Chance 100% (obtained from voting and donating for server).
Augment skill chance: 20%
1 active 1 passive augment at a time

Map is changing automatically to the next one, also you can vote for next map.
Don't need to click ctrl when attacking enemy.
Player spawn protection: 10 seconds.
Lameguard antibot/antiphx protection.
Auto nobless on log-in
You get formal wear on log-in

Faction manager to change faction for small amount of adena
NPC Teleporter teleports directly to captured and static flags
Scheme buffer,can buff your pets
Special Shop
Class Manager on your log-in
Skill Enchanter
Augmenter NPC
Vote reward machine
Faction guards

Three faction zones
Special maps
Boss zone

Random Raidboss spawns each 4 hours, all factions fight for 3-5 boss jewels
Valakas drops Valakas Necklace and Earring of Orfen
Antharas drops Antharas, Zakens Earrings
Baium drops Baium and Core rings
Halisha drops Frintezza's Necklace and Queen Ant Rings

Anti farm system.
Wedding system (costs 200 adena to get marry)
Unique VIP system:
Buy hero 7 days for adena, get hero weapons.
Change Title color
Show your PK/PVP count on title
VIPs get bigger +15 adena rewards for killing other players.
.paint command
Advanced chaos event with voiced commands to participate

VIP can use .paint command to paint with ancient adena on ground by clicking with mouse
VIP can use .title command to enable/disable pvp/deaths count displaying in title
.mapinfo command displays current map, next map and time left
.points displays points statistics of all factions and yourself
.status to see expiration time for hero and vips
Server TOPS in Community Board (ALT+B)

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