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L2Eiper PVP NoCustom TODAY

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L2Eiper 2012-09-02 01:29:32

After long time of works, Lineage2 Eiper NON Custom PVP server STARTING!
Server is starting with Fully working Interlude, with fully working BALANCE.
Server is unique and all it's NEW!
All of player are inviting to play in our server! All are waiting 2012.09.02 Sunday (September 2) 14:00 GMT +2


The basic server information

-Exp Rates: 1500x
-Sp Rates: 1500x
-Aden Rates: 1x
-Drop Rates: 1x
-Spoil Rates: 1x
-Client: Interlude (T0, C6) GM-Shop
-. system online [appear online gamers]
-Duel System
-Interlude Skill (100%)
Sub-class of non-quest
-Nobless non-quest
-Npc Buffer
-Buff time 2 hours
-Type: No-Custom PvP
-Information NPC
Top-Ranking NPC
-Stability: 98.5%
-Shutter speed: 24/7
-Balance: 97%
-Raidboss: >> Antharas, Valakas, Halisha, Baium et al.


-Simple: 85%
-Blessed: 90%
-Crystal: 100%
-Safe: +3
-Maximal: +16
-Donate: +20


-Tattoo with statuses
Olympics-server going [18:00 to 11:00 p.m.], Hero changes every Sunday [23:00].

[move]Server is starting TODAY All players are waiting 2012.09.02 14:00 GMT +2![/move]

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