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Damixx 2014-02-26 18:21:14
General Info: \nServer Version: Lineage 2 Interlude. \nServer Start Date: February 28th, 2014. \n\nServer Rates: \nInstant 80 level! \nSafe Enchant: +7 \nMaximum Enchant: +30 \nMaximum Enchant from Event/Vote/Donate: +35 \nEnchant Chance: 82% \nBlessed Enchant Chance: 87% \nCrystal Scroll Enchant Chance: 92% \nAfter failed enchantment with Blessed/Crystal/Special scroll the enchant value of the item becomes +0 or +7. \n\nBasic Features: \nAuto Loot: Enabled \nAuto Loot Raid: Disabled \nAuto Learn Skills: Enabled \nWeight Limit: Disabled \nMax Subclasses: 3 subclasses per character \nSubclass Without Quest: Enabled \nIncreased movement speed on all classes and pets! \nAll classes have boosted HP! \n\nBuff & Mana Potion: \nBuff Slot: 76 \nBuff Time: about 5 hours \nMana Potion: 1000 mana restore with 1s delay \nBuffs will not disappear after dying, also your CP/HP/MP wil be fully restored. \n\nSkills: \nDebuff - 8-12 sec random time. \nStun & Bluff - 6-8 sec random time. \nParalyze - 8-12 sec random time. \nRoot & Sleep - 8-12 sec random time. \nAll Mutes - 8-12 sec random time. \nFear - 2-6 sec random time. \nConfusion - 4-6 sec random time. \nBetray - 8-12 sec random time. \n\nCustom Items: \n- Weapons - \nIcarus Weapons (Same status like Demonic) \nDemonic Weapons (Same status like Icarus) \nDusk Weapons (Best server weapons) \n- Armors - \nDynasty Armors (Same status like Epic) \nEpic Armors (Same status like Dynasty) \n- Tattoos - \nMage Tattoo \nWarrior Tattoo \n- Other - \nAccessories \n\nThere are 3 ways to get dusk weapons and shields in our server: \nFirst way - Crafting Dusk Weapons and Shields at a Craft Manager (You don\'t need a warsmith), every mob drops Materials and Recipes. \nSecond Way - Killing bosses for Dusk Weapons and Shields. \nThird way - Buying Dusk Weapons and Shields from our Donations Manager. \n\nAugmentation: \nRemoved Chance skills and all unused augments. \nTop-Grade Life Stone Skill chance is 15%. \nNo limit on active augmentation skills! \nAugments are balanced and some of them have better reuse time. \n\nCCP: \nEvery character in his inventory will have this item. \nYou can open it by pressing only one time. \n- Functions - \nShows how many players are online and how many are at offline trade. \nYou can see how many mobs you\'ve killed, bosses killed with a clan, your deaths/pvps/pks. \nWar Legend statistic. \nYou can Bind/Unbind Account to HWID. \nBuff/Personal Message/Trade Request/Party Invite protections. \nCustomize your title, normal or pvp/pk. \n\nWar Legend: \nEvery hour the player with the most PVP Kills in past hour becomes War Legend. \nWar Legend has special effect. \nWar Legend gets rewarded for the most number of PVP Kills in past hour. \nWar Legend statistics are in the CCP item. (Item is in your inventory) \n\nOlympiad Games: \nOlympiad Battles time - from 18:00 to 00:00 (GMT +2). \nOlympiad Period - 1 week. \nOlympiad Feed Protection: You can\'t fight each other from the Same IP/HWID. \n\nSiege: \nGoddard Castle Siege every 1 week Sunday 18:00 (GMT+2). \n\nEvents: \nGM held events will be done every 2-3 days. \n\nAdditional Information: \nCustom Cancellation System - When you get cancel, cancelled buffs will be restored after 10 seconds. So you don\'t need to rebuff. In olympiad Custom Cancellation System doesn\'t work. \nStackable enchant scrools, life stones, secret book of giants (Enchant scrolls, life stones, book of giants take 1 slot in inventory like in higher chronicles). \nTanks, Titants, Tyrants have disabled bow equipment outside olympiad. \nAnti-Farm Protection: You don\'t get PvP points from the Same IP/HWID. \nUnique killing spree system with sounds that you all know and love. \nUnique Raid Boss announcement. \nBoss anti-take away system. \nPlayer spawn protection - 30 seconds \n/unstuck - 15 seconds \nOffline shop [add your shop and exit] \nOffline Trade: Max 5 days \nPVP Name Color Changes. \nShift-click Mobs and view their Droplist. \nChampion mob system. \nAnti-Heavy system is on outside olympiad. \nNo Grade Penalty. \nClan system. \nGeodata. \nVIP system. \nProtection against third party software(PHX, L2NET, etc.). \n\nAnd much more... \n
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