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Kurosaki 2012-06-19 18:16:22
Hey all Lineage2 Players we are glad to announce that one unique server with never seen before game play will start on June 22 19:00 GTM +2! So that's what we can offer for each player : Unique clan system, low farming, lots of pvp, daily GM events (for real), GRAND GM event each week, new heroes every 3 days, new castle lords every 4 days so there would not be any long time waiting till you can overcome old heroes or castle lords, big fights for raid bosses, unique never seen before hair accessories, balanced classes ( even dwarfs can go pvp ), every Friday top 3 players in Pk/PvP categories will get reward. Weekly updates to keep game play not boring long lasting server. SO TUNE IN JUNE 22 19:00 GTM +2! For more info hit

Sveiki visi Lineage 2 Ć„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾aidĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Äā‚¬ĀÆjai mes dĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾iĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā«gaujame, kad galime praneĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä¼Ā£Ā¼ti apie savo naujo, unikalaus serverio atidarymĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦, kuris Ć„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ā‚¬Ä†ā€ vyks BirĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾elio 22 dienĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦ 19:00 valandĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦. Ć„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā tai, kĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦ mĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā«sĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā³ serveris jums pasiĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā«lys : unikaliĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦ clanĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā³ sistemĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦, trumpĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦ farminimasĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ā‚¬Ä†ā€ , begalĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā‚¬Ė›Ä€Ā¢ pvp, kasdienius gm vedamus eventus ir mes ne tik Ć„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾adame, bet eventai tikrai bus vykdomi, didĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾iuosius gm vedamus eventus , kas savaitĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā‚¬Ė›Ä€Ā¢, hero keisis kas 3 dienas, kad nebĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā«tĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā³ nuobodu laukti progos nugalĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Äā‚¬ĀÆti senuosius herojus ar pratĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā‚¬Ė›Ä€Ā¢sti savo karaliavimo erĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦, taip pat pilies apgultys bus vykdomos, kas 3 dienas, kad pilĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ā‚¬Ä†ā€  pasiĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Äā‚¬ĀÆmĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā‚¬Ė›Ä€Ā¢s klanas nevaldytĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā³ jos visĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦ serverio gyvavimo laikĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦, masines kovas dĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Äā‚¬ĀÆl raidbossĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā³, niekur nematytas kepurĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Äā‚¬ĀÆles, subalansuotas klases ( netgi su dvarfais bus galima eiti pvp ) , kiekvienĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦ penktadienĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ā‚¬Ä†ā€  bus apdovanojami 6 Ć„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾monĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Äā‚¬ĀÆs uĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾Ć„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Äā‚¬ĀÆmĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā‚¬Ė›Ä€Ā¢ pirmĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦sias 3 vietas pvp / pk topuose, kassavaitinius atnaujinimus, kurie pagyvins Ć„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾aidimĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Ä€Ā¦ ir neleis jam pasidaryti nuobodĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾iam, priĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾adame ilgai gyvuojantĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ā‚¬Ä†ā€  Ć„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ā‚¬Ä†ā€ domĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā³ tarptautinĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ā‚¬Ä†ā€  serverĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ā‚¬Ä†ā€ ! DĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Äā‚¬ĀÆl daugiau informacijos Ć„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾iĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā«rĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ė›Ć„ĀÄā€šĀ¬Äā‚¬ĀÆti
Kurosaki 2012-06-19 21:31:54
KaroDievas 2012-06-22 19:31:36
graĆ„ā€ Äā‚¬Ā¦Ć„ā‚¬Ä€Ā¾us vebas :) man patinka
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