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SEKMADIENI, L2Mint No Custom

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l2mint 2012-03-08 18:11:55

About Server:
No Custom Items.
Interlude Chronicle.
No Corruption.
Starting/Sub Level - 80.
Main Town - Goddard.
No Sub-Class/Nobless Quest.
No Shots/Arrows Consumption.
PVP/PK color sistem (PVP - Name, PK - Tittle).
20 Levels of PvP Name Colors - 22 Levels of PK Tittle Colors.
Color Name - Every 50, 150, 250, 400, 500, PK - 50, 100, 150, ETC..
Champion Monster's.
Buff Limit 36+4 Debuff.
Anti Heavy.
No Augmentations.
Custom Buffer (Buff sets).
Interlude Geodata.
Buff time 3 (-three) hours.
GM/Special Shops.
Server Without Tattoo.
Spawn Protection = 30sec.
Clan, All Subclasses in One NPC.
All Skills enchant in one NPC.
Special L2MINT Anti-Buff (skill) Protection.
Fully Protected Server from PvP Farming, DDOS,Phx,Walker Noobs.
Players Can Not Use Gk when they're Flagged.
10 PVP in a row - HERO AURA + Announcement.
Respawn in PvP/FARM zone if character died in it.

Enchant Rates:
3+ Safe.
10+ Max.
7+ Max Jewel.
Simple Enchant 55%.
Blessed Enchant 66%.
Crystal Scrool 80%.
From DONATE +10 gun/armor, +7 Jewel.
Only from GM Events +11 gun/armor, +8 Jewel.
Stackable Enchant Scrolls.
When you Enchant Item with Blessed Scrolls and burn it - It Stays +3.

Raid/Grand bosses information:
Raid Boss jewel only from Raid Boss or L2Mint Medal.
Valakas respawn - 8h.
Antharas respawn - 8h.
Baium respawn - 8h.
Zaken respawn - 5h.
Queen Ant respawn - 5h.
Flame Of Splendor Barakiel respawn - 2h.
Clan Gordon respawn - 2h.

Capture the Flag - start 10:00 GMT+2 - prize: 7 L2Mint Medal.
DEATH MATCH - start 15:00 GMT+2 - prize: 10 L2Mint Medal.
TEAM vs TEAM - start 20:00 GMT+2 - prize: 7 L2Mint Medal.
No Buffs Allowed.
Custom GM Events.

Voiced Commands:
.online alt+b
.away .back
.ctfjoin .ctfleave
.dmjoin .dmleave
.tvtjoin .tvtleave
.deposit .withdraw


1 Week Period.
Olympiad fully WORKING.
Start at 16:00 end at 00:00 GMT+2.
Hero Change Every Sunday 00:05 GMT +2.
Players with same IP can not fight together.
Hero guns = S grade guns +12.

Server Mashine:
Memory - 10240 MB RAM.
CPU - 16 GHz.
Internet Speed - 100Mbp/s
Location - NETHERLANDS (better connection for all europe)
Space - 250 GB.
Operating System - Linux Debian 5.0[64bit].
Protection - Ip Tables, Lameguard, Firewall router.
l2mint 2012-03-09 15:59:05
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